Saturday, 17 September 2011


Today I would like to share about some topic that I've study in Anatomy and Fisiology lecture. It's about muscle. What is the major function of muscles?. Do you know what make some athlete cramp their muscle during their training and performance?. The major function of our muscle is to produce motion. There are three type of vertebrate muscles, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle. Smooth muscle and cardiac muscles are involuntary muscles whereas skeletal muscle are called voluntary muscles because they are under voluntary control.

Smooth muscle lines the walls of hollow organs such as arteries and veins, the digestive tract, the urinary bladder and the uterus. Each muscle fibre consists of a single, elongated spindle-shaped cell containing one centrally located nucleus. The muscle fibre do not contain visible cross striations. The contractile protein filaments are not arranged in the same pattern as in the skeletal or the cardiac muscle.

Next is the cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle are the tissues that make up heart. It cells have a single nucleus, many mitochondria and are striated. The muscles cells are connected to one another by intercalated discs. The muscles fibres branch and form bridges with one another to form a network like arrangement. The cardiac muscle bring about the continuous, rhythmic contractions of the heart and pump blood around the body. Do you know that our heart size is about our fist size?.

Lastly is the skeletal muscle. It is normally arranged in antagonistic pairs and mostly attached to bones by tendons. They bring about movement of the skeleton and organs such as the eyeball and the tongue. An individual skeletal muscle contain several bundles of fibres bound by connective tissues. The nuclei peripherally located beneath sacrolemma.

Thats all I can share with you guys for now and I will continue talk about this later on about how athletes gain muscle cramp during their training and performance. Thank you for spending your time read this. I hope you can gain useful information about what I have wrote :)

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