Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Busy Week

The first week I was a little bit busy because of my credit hours are still inadequate. I have to move to find the lectures for their signature. I'm now no longer live in resindential colleges but has rented a house at Taman Sri Indah which is situated near to the campus.

 Actually what makes me realy tired this week is because I still don't have my own transport that could facilitate my journey to college, so I have to go to college by walking and sometimes has to ask my housemate to send me to campus by their motocycle.

 What makes me unhappy is because the university side who is responsible has lock the door of the side of the gateway at northen side which before this become the way student who rent houses in the area of the campus to get into the campus. Now we have to walk a little bit far to the door on the east or the west to go to the campus.

 I was lucky because my parents will send my bike next week, so I will no longer trouble my housmate to send me to college after this again except for emergency. I hope the responsible person will take action about the gate for the good of the students who lives near campus.

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