Wednesday, 12 October 2011


As we wake up every morning, we hear the sound of nature .As THEY wake up every morning, THEY hear the sound of war. Everyday we go to school to gain our ambition,but everyday THEY will fight for their homeland. As we can eat together with our family during dinner, some of them eat alone without other family members. Who are THEY?. They are the people of PALESTINE!
We should be thankful because our country still remain in peace without any war after we gain our independent. We can go to school and go to work everyday and laugh with our friends and have fun together with them. However,nowadays people in Palestine can't feel the peace like we do. Everyday, the wake up in the morning and ready to fight for the religion, pride and honour. Their human right have been taken by the demon Israel who without feel any shame claim Palestine as their country.

What make me so upset is where is the other muslim country when Israel army attack the people of Palestine?. Why they don't send any help when the palestine need them as we know that Palestine is very important country for the muslim. The Israel want to demolished our Al-Aqsa mosque that we have in Palestin. Do we just wanna let them to do this without even trying to protect it?

Don't stop to pray for the Palestine everyday because we know pray is the Muslim main weapon. Eventhough  we might not able to fight alone which them, but still we can't fight for them by boycott the product of Israel because as we spend our money to buy their product, it is same as we help them to buy weapon to kill the people in Palestin. Act know!!

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